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Internet Censorship- 2012

Just so we are clear

Congress (after being lobbied – read – paid) have decide its ok to say you and I are all guilty until proven innocent because we ‘share’.

That is because The Motion Picture Industry (Industry not artists) and the Recording Industry (Industry not artists) believe that because they ‘took’ the original copyrights (Disney paid nothing for all its Fairy Tale pictures) that doesn’t mean we can do what they did.

Because The Recording Industry (who for instance kept Van Morrison broke for most of his career) had a free ride on the backs of artists for a good while – obviously they dont want to give up that ride even as they go over the cliff.

The Artists will learn to change, artists are willy by nature,(after all is there more or less music available now?), the industry will eventually find others to exploit – and right now that’s YOU the user, their consumer.

Just so we are clear

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