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Wisdom, knowledge and Information in the information age

Lets be clear we dont need to know all the stuff that we could know.

There is a fear of being overwhelmed by all the Information we are mining, which is like saying it would be heavy if we tried to carry ALL the tools from Home Hardware around with us ALWAYS.

We’re not that crazy, when it comes to tools we use the ones we need at the time an then put them away. That’s what information is a tool.Use it and put it away nicely when done.

Wisdom, as in the Wisdom of  proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon the wisdom of the Greeks, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Sufism,The wisdom of the Ancient Middle East, etc.

Wisdom is a set of knowns by the species that allow us to get the most out of the journey (life). It doesnt change. It is always the same.

In our era of re packaging and marketing we gussie it up as The Secret, or Positive Motivation, or How to win Friends, Or Visualization, or Core Influence etc. But its the same. Wisdom however is always something that is worth exploring. Its the best path through the minefield.

Knowledge tends to be the results of differing personalities and motivations using wisdom. Its sometimes useful, sometimes misleading and not essential. Its other peoples take on absolutes.

Information is just stuff. Mostly its people (scientists in particular) putting names on things that already exist. Is your snow shovel any better because its now know to be made up of sub atomic particles – it was always made up of sub atom particles. Call them quarks, feel free.

Information is a tool. And as we do more (technologically speaking) we use more dedicated tools. If you are auto mechanic in 1910 you dont need many tools. If you are auto mechanic in 2010 (and want to stay in business) there are so many tools, your better off specializing – Domestic, Japanese, German autos etc. They all have different tools.

So with information. Its a set of tools. Use the appropriate ones when you need them and put them away. You dont need to know everything about every tool. You just ned to know when to use it. Or at least where it may be if you need such a thing. Nowadays -Just know if you are going to do something, there’s a tool for that ( to coin a phrase) Use it or dont. But you dont need to cart it around with you for life. Use it, then put it away.

For instance quantum physics with its hundreds of names and sub names. IF you like that kind of stuff read about it. It wont affect you unless you are a physicist. Or are going  for a Nobel prize in physics perhaps. And  remember there always was quanta – now they have names for quota , real and imagined.

Take health , now there aren’t just vitamins (they’ve names all of them ) now there are phytonutrients and nutrigenetics, and nutrigenomics.

Ok dont panic.

Phytonutrients are nutrients that are in fruit and vegetables. They’ve were always there – now they have names (real or imagines). Nutrigenetics is a name for the fact that different people react in different ways to the same nutrient (and always have – but now theres a name for it). Nutrigenomics is a name for the fact that nutrients react with our DNA in individual ways (because we are individuals).

And thats great. But you and I dont need to KNOW anything about it, unless we are interested in such things. And now we have names for them.

Use the names, and put them away when your finished with them. Want to find them again? Google it.

Remember even Einstein said why learn all these mathematical formulas and make them take up space in his brain, if he needed one, he looked it up. (i told my mathematics teacher this at every exam – never worked)

Wisdom, knowledge and information.

Wisdom is the core that never changes.

Knowledge is the gossip about wisdom.

And Information? – well mostly its people writing about what the new names mean in different contexts.

Cool for a while but then someone coins and new name for something that’s already here, and off we go again.

Nothing wrong with information and the study of stuff that already here. But You and I dont need to know it. Use it and put it back nicely when done.


Spend your time, perhaps, looking for wisdom.There’s a lot less of it.And its a lot simpler than you think.

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