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WordPress 101-Free Videos-Collect the whole Set

Free Videos for our Readers

WordPress Is HOT Right Now. And So Is Video.

The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded over 8+ MILLION times! Don’t Believe Me?

There are over 22 million wordpress.com users! Don’t Believe Me?

Youtube gets over 28,000+ hours of video uploaded per day! That’s over 3 years worth of video per day! Don’t Believe Me?

Video is the cutting edge of content right now and the best way to discover what you NEED to know… is through video.

Don’t You Want The Best Videos?

We use a universal standard format for the videos (mp4) so that there is no video conversion issues that only cause headaches.

We cut the videos down into bite-size chunks so that you aren’t bored with 30min+ videos that only put you to sleep.

We organize them so that you can pick and choose what you want to see.

Introducing… “WordPress 101″

This is a set of 22 videos thoroughly documenting step-by-step the ins and outs of WordPress from installation to fine tuning the settings that most people don’t even know exist!

Each video discusses it’s topics in an easy to follow manner. If you are doing anything with wordpress, these videos will help!

WordPress 101 covers: (links at bottom of the page)

Editing Posts
Tags And Categories
Adding Themes

Feel Free to download links below: –

WordPress 101 videos – complete set- zip file


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